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Apacer Ultra high volume UHS-I U1 microSDXC 128GB Review

The Apacer Ultra microSDXC 128GB memory card is optimized for smartphones, tablet, or camera users looking to maximize their storage space. It is compatible with Android and Windows phones and can be used with any SD card accepting camera (it comes with an SD card adapter). The big capacity could be fully appreciated by anyone uses their phone or camera to capture lots of HD video or images without wanting to clear the card as frequently.

I just bought a 128GB microSD card from Apacer for my HTC RE camera, as the 8GB microSD card shipped with the camera is already full. This Apacer micro SDXC UHS-I U1 class 10 – 128GB capacity is what I want to make my camera work well without changing memory card!

The look
The micro card is packed well in carbon transparent case holding and can see the SD adapter case while the lock function is attached.

It goes with lifetime warranty and providing water proof, magnet proof, temperature proof, x-ray proof; and international safety certificates FCC, CE, RoHS.

Open the microSD™ slot cover located at the bottom of the RE camera and Insert this APACER microSD card with the gold-plated side facing the same direction as the lens.  The card will make a slight clicking sound when it’s securely inserted.


Checking on my HTC camera it shows the storage provided by this memory card is 118.2 GB available.

And the read speed is very fast, can check the taken photos right after camera shoots.

Smooth when playing back Full HD videos:

This Apacer micro SDHC card performs well and is definitely a good companion for my new RE camera. Highly recommended for use in phones, tablets, cameras and camcorders – and especially for someone who likes to take tons of photos and videos and require a 128GB capacity.

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