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Apacer Receives the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award

  Apacer received the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award, which is the seventh consecutive year winning this title. There is fierce competition in this year’s Taiwan Excellence Award. Upon rigorous selection and evaluation, a total of 202 manufacturers and 523 products stand out and win the honors. By virtue of Apacer’s excellent R&D strength and fully-optimized… Read More ›

Apacer new AC235 USB3.1 high speed portable HD

Apacer released the new AC235 USB 3.1 super speed portable hard drive, focusing on gravity black along with three colorful, bright and lively colors sunny blue, honey peach and sprout green, and are now all available for purchase, bringing all new fashion experiences for your digital life! The body of the Apacer AC235 unit is… Read More ›

How to Get Extra Storage on your Android phone with OTG Adapter

Over recent times, our smartphones have become responsible for storing more than just our contacts and text messages. Apps, movies, pictures and music all compete for space leaving many users with little room for much else. You might not realize it, but many Android phones and tablets support USB OTG (On The Go), which allows… Read More ›

Apacer unveils the AH115 and AH156 supermini fingertip USB flashes

Apacer Technology debuts the collection of supermini USB flash drives- USB 2.0 AH115 and USB 3.0 AH156 with unibody metallurgical technique to demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the arch roof style of the Sydney Opera House, Apacer combines this with the “ergonomic” rotating-curve peculiar holding strap-hole design to integrate elegant appearance, triple proof functions, and… Read More ›

Apacer B211 Super Mini Pocket Powerbank with 6000mAh

Apacer recently introduced B221 Extra value with premium Samsung batteries and compact design. The B221 is a super mini pocket powerbank that offers a capacity of 6000mAh to support a smartphone and a tablet forone whole day. Made with premium Samsung batteries, the B221 delivers perfectstability and durability and is equipped with dual USB outputs… Read More ›

Apacer introduced the world’s smallest notebook power bank with multiple safeguards

As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 is offered in 11400mAh, with maximum output up to 19V 3.42A to effectively extend notebook durability for businesspersons traveling everywhere to demonstrate expertise without worrying about power outages, to provide the optimal power rescue solution in emergencies. The B222 radiates the aurora of self-confidence in its… Read More ›

Apacer introduced AH553 a fast speed USB drive

Apacer Technology Inc. displayed its strength and released a new flagship USB 3.0 flash drive, AH553. Actual testing showed that it has an ultra-fast top speed of 400MB/s read and 300MB/s* write speed, aggressively re-writing the record for flash drive read/write speeds! As a flagship product, it is equipped with robust aluminum casing, stable and… Read More ›

Apacer introduced USB flash drives AH157 and AH116

Apacer’s latest new super-mini USB flash drives AH157 and AH116 are inspired by the image of mini corks. The AH157 USB 3.0 boasts two different color matches— black with wine red cap and white with azure blue cap, to present gentleman-like calmness and chic lightness respectively. The AH116 USB 2.0 uses the pure colors of ivory white and mysterious black to showcase simple, unique style and taste. Users can easily harness… Read More ›

Apacer Outs AH355 and AH358 USB3.0 Flash Drives

Apacer upgrade the popular series of flash drives to USB3.0 interface and also provide multiples speed for storage experience. Apacer AH355 flash drive designs through comfortable touch for its unique rounded appearance and pebble-like contour, drawing people to play around. In addition to its compact size for portability, its maximum capacity can reach up to… Read More ›

Apacer Presents All-Around Value-Added Industrial SSDs at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015

At Computexc 2015, Apacer present its brand new, upgraded industrial SSD solutions. Data security is enhanced through protection mechanism triggered by NFC; SSD CoreAnalyzer is an innovative analysis technology to comprehensively record and analyze actual usage scenarios of SSD operation, fully exploring behavior of applications, designing the most reliable systems and providing the top services; Apacer… Read More ›