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Towards a longer life with advances in sceience

January 29, 2018

Throughout the ages, men have always been searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth and ways to extend life. Many have tried and failed. But good news is on the horizon, With advances in science, and a little help from the graphics processing unit (GPU), this pursuit is a step closer. Asia Genomics is a… Read More ›

Building AI that builds AI

Adatos is a venture-backed technology company that leverages the power of the GPU to build and deploy data intelligence solutions for the private sector. The company has operations in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In an interview during the NVIDIA AI Conference in Singapore, Drew Perez, Managing Director of Adatos, shared… Read More ›

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Photography and Camera Lovers

To help make Holiday shopping easier, here is a list of some of the hottest gifts for this year: DJI Spark Drone Camera With the release of this year’s Spark, DJI delivers an affordable option that provides exceptional aerial images for aspiring drone pilots. The light-weight, mini drone lifts off from a hand and hovers in place… Read More ›

Tech Picks for Xmas

Christmas is just around the corner. No time for shopping?  Find these high-tech gadgets, electronics and accessories at Lazada Malaysia. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB (Black) -For those who prefer the Samsung Note series, this is the newest and the most exciting addition to the lineup. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a beautiful design,… Read More ›

How a great SSD can help you with live streaming broadcast

With the popularity of eSports and the rapid rise of video gaming generations, gamers start to follow tournaments and star players in addition to playing games themselves. Even casual games have gamers who do live streaming, which other gamers check out for relevant gaming tips and stage clearing tricks. This is also the birth of… Read More ›

How to Get Extra Storage on your Android phone with OTG Adapter

Over recent times, our smartphones have become responsible for storing more than just our contacts and text messages. Apps, movies, pictures and music all compete for space leaving many users with little room for much else. You might not realize it, but many Android phones and tablets support USB OTG (On The Go), which allows… Read More ›