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Plextor’s exclusive software free downloads for all M6 Series SSD users

Solid State Drive (SSD) prices have been coming down with new advances in NAND Flash and controller IC technologies. But if all you care about whenshopping for SSDs are price and storage size, then you are truly behind the times. Plextor SSD products offer a whole lot more functionalities in addition to price and storage… Read More ›

Plextor Exbibited at Asia Lan Party 2015

In recent years, modding of computer housings has become a popular trend, attracting many computer gamers through lighting and housing remodeling, turning what were once bland and boxy computer housings into cool eye-catching equipment. The ASIA LAN Party was held on November 14 of this year at the Palladium World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand with… Read More ›

Plextor Releases New Features Enhancing SSD

Plextor will launch exclusive new software solutions, PlexVault (data security technology), PlexCompressor (intelligent compression technology) and the third generation of their intelligent caching technology, PlexTurbo. All three products were first showcased at Computex 2015, garnering significant media attention and praise. These new solutions are expected to be available in August 2015. [ PlexVault ] By… Read More ›

Plextor to Showcase Extreme Performance and Aesthetics Developed SSD Drives at ComputexE

Plextor, the leading brand in global high-performance storage devices, announced that they will be showing their latest M7e hardware and PlexTurbo 3 software technology during Computex Taipei 2015.  Plextor will also be releasing its latest consumer SSDs, as well as other SSD products designed for corporate and industrial use. Plextor will introduce the latest successor… Read More ›