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Un-boxing: Imation LINK Power Drive, a Combination Flash Drive and Power Bank for iPhone

Imation LINK Power Drive is a new device for flash storage and battery-charging capabilities together in a single unit for the iPhone and other iOS devices. The new Imation LINK Power Drive was designed to address some common headaches users experience in the mobile phone and tablet market—running out of power and memory. Studies show that a long-lasting… Read More ›

Apacer B211 Super Mini Pocket Powerbank with 6000mAh

Apacer recently introduced B221 Extra value with premium Samsung batteries and compact design. The B221 is a super mini pocket powerbank that offers a capacity of 6000mAh to support a smartphone and a tablet forone whole day. Made with premium Samsung batteries, the B221 delivers perfectstability and durability and is equipped with dual USB outputs… Read More ›

Apacer introduced the world’s smallest notebook power bank with multiple safeguards

As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 is offered in 11400mAh, with maximum output up to 19V 3.42A to effectively extend notebook durability for businesspersons traveling everywhere to demonstrate expertise without worrying about power outages, to provide the optimal power rescue solution in emergencies. The B222 radiates the aurora of self-confidence in its… Read More ›

Belkin today introduced Travel Rockstar™ Battery Pack + Charger + Surge for travelers

Belkin today introduced Travel Rockstar™ Battery Pack + Charger + Surge, a handy 3-in-1 mobile USB charging solution that offers 2 AC outlets, one USB-port at 2A and a built-in mobile battery back for charging while traveling. The Travel Rockstar™ Battery Pack + Charger + Surge combines 3 travel necessities into one – mobile battery… Read More ›

KINGMAX offers the storage solution for mobile devices

There are a myriad of accessories that have been designed specifically for mobile devices. We have come to be so familiar with these accessories and a large number of items in the market may be mind-boggling. Thankfully, KINGMAX has identified and addressed the needs of mobile device users by offering relevant products for consumers. Information… Read More ›

FSP announces a new line of Energy Storage System (ESS) products

FSP  announces a new line of Energy Storage System (ESS) products. The EMERGY 3000 Series comes in 2.6kWh (Li-ion) or 1.7kWh (Lithium Iron Phosphate) models and the EMERGY 1000 Series provides 900Wh (Li-Ion) of portable power. As a home battery, the fast-charging EMERGY series excels at solar power storage and emergency power delivery. With their… Read More ›