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Plextor’s exclusive software free downloads for all M6 Series SSD users

Solid State Drive (SSD) prices have been coming down with new advances in NAND Flash and controller IC technologies. But if all you care about whenshopping for SSDs are price and storage size, then you are truly behind the times. Plextor SSD products offer a whole lot more functionalities in addition to price and storage size. Our three major value-adding software solutions (PlexTurbo, PlexCompressor and PlexVault) maximize file-transfer speed and disk space usage, offering consumers the highest values for their prices on the current market.


Plextor’s three software solutions have been well received since their releases last July.

Originally they were only available to users of specific Plextor SSD models, but due to overwhelming response, Plextor has announced that all three software tools- PlexTurbo, PlexCompressor and PlexVault-will be offered to all users of M6 series SSDs.

If you still don’t know what the threePlextor software solutions are or do, here is a quick overview:

PlexTurbo: Speed Accelerator And Lifespan Expander

PlexTurbo enhances two SSD functions: accelerated efficiency and extended service life.

Using system memory, Plextor SSD’s transfer speed is increased while the read/write frequency on the disk is reduced to extend its service life. The SSD failure rate is thus reduced.

According to Plextor factory tests, activating PlexTurbo while assigning 16GB DRAM space as accelerated cache will increase the sequential read/write speed by 16 times and the random read/write speed by 3 times.

PlexCompressor: Increased Volume, Intelligent Compression

Typically, the installation of operating systems or programs will take up a large portion of disk space. For example, many files that came pre-installed with the Windows operating system are never used, but most users will keep these files either to ensure system stability, or simply because they do not know which files can be deleted. PlexCompressor will automatically detect files on the SDD with low usage rates and compress them in the background to free up disk space without affecting system performance.With more available free space, users can enjoy Plextor SSDs at maximum capacity.

PlexVault: Encrypted Volume to Protect Your Privacy

Is there a lack of privacy on your shared family computer? Do you have personal files that you do not want your boyfriend/girlfriend to see? When sharing a computer with two or more people, trying to keep saved photos or personal files away from the other users sharing your computer can be a hassle. PlexVault can save youfrom such awkwardness by allowing Plextor users to keep their privacy.

Others must first enter the correct set of key combinations before reaching the second password security level, thus greatly increasing file security with the dual-safety design.

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