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LG launched its 2015 lineup of LED projectors

LG Electronics  today launched its 2015 lineup of LED projectors, designed with portability, versatility and connectivity in mind, making them perfect for home theater or on-the-go usage.

LG projector

“As a worldwide industry leader in LED projectors, LG Electronics continues to push the envelope with our latest lineup, providing affordable, sleek and light-weight projectors that are enhanced with Smart sharing features,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. “Each new model offers versatility with the ability to transform a living space into a theater space or enhance an office setup with a multimedia platform.”

Leading its 2015 lineup is LG’s Portable LED Projector with Smart TV (Model PF1500), which delivers high-definition picture quality with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 1400 lumen brightness for better visibility, sharp contrast and rich blacks, even in environments with generous ambient light. Perfect for a home theater, the LG PF1500 provides a cinematic viewing experience with up to 120-inch picture (which equals four 60-inch TVs). Its Bluetooth sound output allows wireless streaming of audio directly from the LED projector to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker, soundbar or other device for a seamless listening experience. This “Smart TV” model lets users access an endless array of entertainment options from premium content providers, including Netflix, VuDu, Hulu Plus,, YouTube, Spotify, Vtuner, Google MAP, Facebook, Twitter and Picasa.

Key models joining the PF1500 in the lineup include three new “Minibeam” LED Projectors (Models PW800, PH300 and PV150G) that can project up to a 100-inch screen and are equipped with digital TV tuners, allowing users to receive over-the-air TV signals to enjoy real-time broadcast sports games and TV shows.

The PW800 and PV150G feature a wireless mirroring function, allowing users to beam their preferred content from a smartphone or tablet to the big screen, while the PH300 offers this capability via HDMI cable with MHL capability. For further versatility, all of these projectors can play movies, photos, music and even office documents directly from a portable USB drive and through a wired connection to a computer.

Each projector boasts a 30,000-hour lifespan, equivalent to 10 years of eight hours of daily use.

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