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Logitech unvelied the 2015 Party Collection Mice

Logitech, a worldwide market leader for mice, recently unveiled its seventh annual design, the 2015 Logitech Play Collection! The 2015 Logitech Play Collection Mice are very colourful, flashy, eye catching, cute and fashionable! Based on the latest trends in fashion, furniture design and accessories, the 2015 Play Collection Mice are very distinctive and special, featuring the friendly faces of playful characters, colourful patterns and shapes!

VRZ_3677-r-3 VRZ_3767-r-3-

Key Features

• Playful Design: The collection features friendly animal faces and bright geometric designs, so you can now find a mouse that is as bright, playful and high-spirited as you are.

• Reliable battery life: Keep the fun going for up to 12 months without having to switch batteries. The mouse offers smart sleep mode and an On/Off switch to save power, while an indicator light eliminates low battery surprises.

• Long Wireless Range: This mouse can roam up to 10 meters away from the computer without losing connection.

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