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NVIDIA Gamers Day in Malaysia

On July 11, NVIDIA held its largest Gamer’s Day event in Malaysia with the support of four add-in card partners.  The location of this event was at Orange eSports Stadium Kuala Lumpur and held from 2pm to 6pm. Most notably, the world leader in GPU technology showcased its latest GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card. The add-in partners, which consists of GIGABYTE, MSI, Zotac and GALAX , were also given the chance to showcase their very own in house GTX 980 Ti graphics card. Each manufacturer had a dedicated demonstration area to highlight a key NVIDIA technology that will enhance gameplay for PC game titles.


It’s a great gathering of gamers



Ms. Sylvia Huang is giving an introduction of NVIDA latest innovations.



Zotac demos its offerings for GTX 980 Ti



Participants had the chance for more immersive gaming experience as they tried their hands on the VR device.


Four lucky winners walked away with NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card provided by GIGABYTE, MSI, Zotac and GALAX respectively, while winners of the GRID Autosport and CS:GO challenge will receive a GeForce GTX 960 graphics card from NVIDIA.


The lucy winner received the GTX980 TI from MSI and NVIDIA


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