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GIGABYTE Introduces AIRE M60 Wireless Mouse for 4K computing

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium hardware brand, is pleased to introduce AIRE M60, the wireless mouse powered by the latest generation laser engine to support true sensitivity up to 3,200dpi for smooth movement and precise control, making it a perfect companion for 4K computing applications. Coupled with its wireless freedom, the mouse is well suited for business segments embracing mobility and work efficiency in their digital lifestyle.


As 4K display technology prevails, having a compatible mouse with real 3200dpi or above is essential for users looking for smooth and precision control on 4K UHD monitors. With conventional wireless mice choking at 2000dpi, GIGABYTE breaks the barrier and offers the first wireless mouse featuring superior sensitivity of real 3200dpi for optimal performance on displays at ultra high resolutions.

Users of the AIRE M60 are able to easily change the dpi settings with the 3-stage on-the-fly DPI adjustable switch between 1000/1600/3200dpi to optimize its performance on HD/FHD/UHD(4K) monitors respectively. The maximum of real 3200dpi further offers more stable tracking and precise movement compared to that of the same sensitivity accelerated by software, empowering users with wide-ranging commands in such high-resolution environments. The mouse’s energy management engineering goes a long way with extended battery life up to 2 years.

The ergonomically designed AIRE M60 is complemented by GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology™ which allows users to browse through files and navigate around webpages in all directions with a simple click. By downloading the GIGABYTE software, users may also customize their AIRE M60 experience at their demands.

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