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Team Group Announces the M151 USB Flash Drive

Team Group Inc. today introduces the M151, a whole new portable storage product of the Mobile series specifically designed for smart mobile devices in order to share image and video files without wires. It makes connecting your computers and mobile devices a breeze.

Designed with a minimalist concept, the M151 is a Team Mobile series OTG USB flash drive made by composite material. The compact body of this USB drive is anodized with a titanium grey metallic brushed finish. The cap is in classic black color with gold font. The urban trend style design is not only elegant on the outside, but also both practical and convenient. M151 has both interfaces of Micro USB and standard USB2.0. The files and multimedia files on Android mobile devices can be stored onto M151 through Micro USB interface and the files previously saved can be browsed directly.

The M151 is also a standard USB2.0 flash drive which is able to connect with various types of desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, allowing you to efficiently manage important personal files. The maximum transferring bandwidth is 480 Mbps, which is much faster than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is able to provide fast file exchange services and save on mobile internet data usage and it is also not restricted by wireless hotspots. Therefore users can share their multimedia files at anytime and anywhere to enjoy a high quality lifestyle with mobile storage.

The all new M151 is compact and weighs only 2.1g. It is easy to carry around and no extra space is needed. With the brushed metallic finish, the design is both elegant and practical. In addition, the thoughtful design of a strap hole can go with a strap to perfectly match with user’s personal belongings. It helps with avoiding the problem of losing the device, and it can also become a unique stylish accessory which leads the fashion trend in mobile storage. The M151 provides a wide range of capacity available for different needs, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. By perfectly solving the problem of insufficient internal storage, it can easily turn mobile devices into a highly efficient and well used mobile multimedia database.

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