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SanDisk Introduces New Portfolio of Industrial Grade Flash Storage Solutions

Sandisk introduced SanDisk® Industrial, a suite of intelligent NAND flash solutions optimized to meet the robust storage demands of connected industrial applications. The new high-endurance SanDisk Industrial solutions offer outstanding performance and reliability, even in extreme temperature ranges, making them ideal for use in a variety of markets, including factory applications and industrial computing, utilities, medical equipment, surveillance camera systems, digital signage, robotics, point-of-sale solutions, large-scale printing, energy management and others.


Gartner Research estimates, “By 2020, Internet-connected things will outnumber humans with a ratio of 4-to-1…”1 “Internet of Things” (IoT) is particularly expanding in manufacturing and utilities sectors.  According to Gartner, “IoT adoption is growing, with manufacturing and utilities estimated to have the largest installed base of things by 2020.”2

“Just as NAND flash helps consumer electronics and mobile devices handle complex applications, overcome connectivity limitations and optimize bandwidth costs, we are now seeing it causing disruptive change in a wide array of industrial industries,” said Oded Sagee, senior director of Industrial and Connected Home Solutions at SanDisk. “We have architected our new high-endurance SanDisk Industrial flash storage portfolio to be the ideal storage for the growing ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ market. It delivers exceptional, long-term reliability and performance, even in rigorous environments that operate in extreme temperatures or require massive real-time processing and data integrity for a long duration of time.”

“Our customers trust IllustraEdge cameras with exacqVision Edge video management system to reliably store and retrieve their surveillance video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This demands storage that has high enough capacity to continuously record high resolution video and the endurance to reliably do so for years,” said Scott Dennison, director of marketing at Tyco Security Products. “SanDisk’s understanding of flash architecture and the longevity demands of the industrial environment enabled Tyco to incorporate a SanDisk Industrial flash storage card that gives our customers the reliable storage capacity they demand.”

The SanDisk Industrial portfolio of storage solutions includes industrial grade SanDisk® SD™ cards, SanDisk® microSD™ cards and iNAND® embedded flash drives (EFD), which are available to manufacturers in capacities up to 64GB3. Built for endurance, the industrial solutions are optimized to perform well in a wide range of environments, delivering reliable speed and performance over extended lifecycles. This enables trusted, predictable storage performance for automated factory applications or read-intensive outdoor digital signage that must continuously play video and graphics for extended periods of time.

The SanDisk Industrial portfolio of solutions also includes the SanDisk Industrial XT iNAND EFDs and SD cards. Designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -40oC to 85oC, SanDisk XT storage solutions are ideal for high temperature factory applications, utility operations in extreme climates and other intensive environments.

In addition, SanDisk Industrial SD cards and microSD cards are removable and swappable, providing users the flexibility to quickly load or update large quantities of data and enabling easy maintenance and configuration.

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