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GIGABYTE Launches New Feature-packed Power Supplies

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium hardware brand, today announced the release of two new power supplies (PSUs), 80 PLUS® Gold certified 750W G750H and 80 PLUS® Bronze certified 700W B700H. The two new offerings boast superior energy efficiency, premium components, and industry-leading features to ensure the top performance required for powering today’s high-end systems for gamers and PC enthusiasts.


80 PLUS® Gold certified G750H – Unmatched performance and quality

GIGABYTE G750H is designed to deliver excellent electrical performance at 80 PLUS® Gold certified efficiency of up to 90% with minimal power waste, translating to less heat dissipation and lower operating cost. Using 100% Japanese capacitors and premium components throughout the design, the G750H provides users with extended product reliability and lifespan. The 750 watt of continuous power with a single +12V rail ensures the best power output with stability, which is ideal for overclocking.

The G750H is outfitted with a 140mm temperature-controlled fan for cooling. The fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the actual power usage, giving users a near silent operation under light loads. The fan uses an ultra-durable double ball bearing design, which offers prolonged product life over 50,000 hours.

In addition to performance, the G750H makes installation clean and tidy with its modular cable management as users only need to mount cables that their systems require. The modular connectivity with flat black cables reduces frustrating cable clutters and ultimately improves thermal performance within the chassis due to increased airflow.

80 PLUS® Bronze certified B700H – Best companion for gaming

GIGABYTE B700H has 700W of power capacity with 80 PLUS® Bronze certification for up to 85% conversion efficiency, offering optimal power needed for gamers to drive their power-hungry gaming machines. The B700H is feature-packed with high-quality Japanese capacitors, quiet, durable cooling with a 120mm double ball bearing fan, and modular cable management as well to make it a great alternative for higher-end gaming PC builds.

Optimized for Multi-GPU Builds and 5-year Warranty

NVIDIA® SLI™ and AMD® Crossfire™ ready, the G750H and the B700H are both stringently tested to guarantee maximum stability combined with ample power and connectors for builders with serious gaming needs. Both models are backed by 5-year product warranty.

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