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AIPTEK Introduces Its New Portable Projector with HD resolution

AIPTEK is bringing several extraordinary projection-related innovations to CeBIT 2016. First and foremost is the compact Flicks, the first projector with HD resolution and a brightness of 700 lumens. Equipped with a DLP chip from Texas Instruments, Flicks features integrated stereo speakers that can be supplied with audio signals through a cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. A fast HDMI input is available for the image signal. Moreover, whether using the projector for work or for entertainment, there’s no need to worry about the technical capabilities that are on hand, as Flicks has its own decent-sized integral battery. Presentations, movies and soccer matches are reproduced directly and with no limitations in outstanding audio and video quality – even in bright environments.


Another technical innovation that AIPTEK is exhibiting is the DG-VTa. This device is a compact dongle for the HDMI input that transforms the projector’s projection surface into an interactive touchscreen display. A stylus supplied with the DG-VTa acts as a sensor. As soon as it is moved over the projection surface, the surface responds like a touchscreen, converting the signals accordingly via the dongle. Users can therefore swipe over a presentation to change pages or highlight areas – two styluses can even be used to enable a zoom function. Thanks to its integrated WiFi, DG-VTa also allows users to stream content directly from smartphones or tablets with an Android operating system.

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