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COMPUTEX 2016 Opens with Expanded Global Presence, New Exhibit Themes, and Accommodations and Services for ICT Buyers

COMPUTEX, the leading global ICT show with a complete supply chain, welcomes international exhibitors and leading industry professionals to COMPUTEX 2016 from May 31 to June 4 in Taipei, Taiwan. This year’s COMPUTEX features new exhibits that showcase IoT applications (SmarTEX), Apple-MFi-certified peripherals and devices (iStyle), and innovative startups (InnoVEX). Prominent U.S. companies are among the show’s exhibitors, and several American startups and high-profile venture capital firms and accelerators will take part in InnoVEX.


Companies exhibiting at COMPUTEX 2016 represent 29 countries and a greater international presence than any COMPUTEX ever before. Furthermore, visitors to this year’s COMPUTEX come from more than 160 of the world’s 196 countries. Some of the largest technology firms in the United States will be exhibiting at COMPUTEX, including Microsoft, Intel and NVIDIA. Qualcomm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, and IDC will also participate in the CPX Conference and share their insights into future technology, disruptive innovation, IoT ecosystem partnerships and IoT applications.

“COMPUTEX’s popularity year after year reflects the rise and importance of ICT applications worldwide,” said TAITRA Executive Vice President Walter Yeh. “It’s also a testament to our continued success in showcasing the industry’s leading companies and breakthrough technologies to ICT professionals, whether they’re investors, distributors, or buyers. With this year’s new exhibits and uniquely designed agenda, we expect it to be the best COMPUTEX ever.”

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