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COMPUTEX 2016: Apacer Showcases Advanced Storage Technologies and Innovative Applications

At Computex 2016, Apacer reveals its hero products and leading technologies at Taipei W Hotel. In its exhibition, Apacer showcases its innovative technologies, products, and applications in four main areas, including “IoT and Cloud,” “Gaming”, “Mobility” and “Diverse Potential Applications”.


Media from around the world gathered here to check out on the latest products from Apacer.


Apacer’s President C.K. Chang giving his opening speech

Apacer proudly shows off their new set of gaming-centric memory and storage solutions


Apacer’s idea behind this is to keep data security to a more personal level where you’re the only person that can access the data, since it’s been locked and the only way to unlock it is with your fingerprint.


The Patented SSD with world’s first dual interface, featuring SATA III and the latest USB3.1 interface and Type-C port to satisfy the need for high speed and reliability of high-level gamers and provide lag-free extreme gaming experience.


We look forward to Apacer’s advanced technologies and innovative applications in the coming year.

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