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Apacer Celebrates its 20th Year Anniversary

Apacer, the global leader in digital storage solutions, is celebrating its 20th year anniversary. Since 1997, Apacer has been a dedicated maker for innovative products with top qualities, earning recognitions from all around the world.  Between 2012 and 2015, Apacer was ranked the number one supplier of Industrial SSD by Gartner Research.  During 2017 Computex Taipei, Apacer will be showcasing several new technologies, patents, and products, including: an SSD module lineup that adopts 3D NAND, SSD features for military applications with exclusive heat dissipation technologies, patented anti-sulfuration DRAM modules, CAN Bus modules for internet of vehicles and automation applications, patented lighting control technology for gaming memory modules, a mil-spec external hard drive that boasts the highest pressure resistance in the industry, and the latest innovations in optical  applications.  Embracing the era of Industry 4.0, Apacer will continue to focus on its core advantage and storage solutions, and develop integrations in real and virtual services.

20 Years of Dedication in Digital Memories, World’s Number One Industrial SSD Supplier
During the past 20 years, Apacer has made glorious histories in digital storage solutions: the company is currently an eight-time winner of Taiwan Excellence, one of the top 10 PC SSD suppliers around the world, and was named the top industrial SSD supplier by Gartner Research for four consecutive years between 2012 and 2015.  “With every milestone achieved over the past 20 years, Apacer gradually formed a strong foundation,” says Chairman I-Shih, Chen,“looking into the future, we will operate with the belief of ‘seizing opportunities with solidified innovations and forward thinking’.   As our advancements accumulate, we have more advantages in the market.  Our goal is to be the leading provider in integrated information services with advanced technologies.

New Patents and Technologies to be Revealed during 2017 Computex Taipei
Apacer continued to develop products and technologies with superb performances over the past 20 years. The company owns 234 patent rights (with 74 currently in application process).  During 2017 Computex Taipei, Apacer will unveil several new technologies, innovations, and products:

Facing the era of Industry 4.0, to fulfill the macro demand in cloud computing, automated industrial applications, and big data analysis, Apacer introduces brand new 3D NAND Flash SSD storage solutions that adopt 64-Layer BiCS3 architecture, which promises to operate at excellent stability, capacity and access speeds to meet enterprise needs.

With a strong background in industrial control, Apacer has developed high-performance PCIe SSD features for military and aviation applications supporting 3D NAND, along with additional functions such as exclusive patented heat dissipation technology, wide-temperature, dustproof and waterproof protection at IP57 grade, and nano plating. Data protection analysis technologies are included, such as CorePower, Core Analyzer, encryptions, and so on.

For industrial DRAM modules, Apacer has developed a patented anti-sulfuration and Wide Temp DRAM module that ensures stable performances in industrial control systems that are exposed to highly polluted environments or extreme climates. From motors, medical facilities, national defense system, internet and communication, to mining, the strengthened technologies and multi-protections of Apacer DRAM modules will maintain high performances in any system.

As the era of Internet of Vehicles begins to form, Apacer introduced a CAN communication module for applications in transport/logistics and driverless car management.  When paired with GPS and wireless transmission technologies, the module provides instant monitoring and analysis of vehicles, and the data obtained may help to contribute to optimized management. This CAN technology also applies to industrial automations, which enables a more advanced information integration.

Optical applications: Apacer continues to strengthen its accuracy in examining the brightness of monitors by introducing the Gen 2 handheld brightness photometer and a handheld illuminance meter to check the luminosity and stability of LED products. A pocket-sized colorimeter and app for interior decoration or commercial design purposes will also be introduced to offer instant analysis and color checks.   

For consumer products, Apacer introduces AC730, currently the highest specifications offered among mil-spec external hard drives in the market. Compliant with military drop test of 1.2-meter height, IP68 standards, and 1500kg weight resistance, AC730 is the solid protector that will shield data in any environment. To satisfy the demand for serious gamers, PT920 Commando, a PCIe SSD designed to mimic a military weapon and offers advanced performances. Apacer is also proud to introduce two special patents for gaming DRAM modules: independent lighting apparatus for memory board, and enhanced illumination technologies. The detachable lighting apparatus effectively lowers interferences by signals, while enhanced illumination technology can change lighting effects as gamers’ desire.  The customized control mode that incorporates all of the hardware, software, and the firmware will create visual effects based on personal preferences.

Our Vision: to be the Leading Provider in Integrated Information Service Solutions
According to semiconductor market research company, IC Insights, DRAM and NAND flash memories will reach a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% in the next 5 years; the industry size will also increase from $77.3 billion USD in 2016 to $109.9 billion, mainly driven by the demands for memories and SSDs from smartphones, big data storage applications, and laptop computers.   Looking back at the 20-year history, Apacer is ready to embrace a new start. With foresights in the market, Apacer achieved excellent performance in Q1, 2017, earning an additional 44.36% compared to the same period last year. “2017 marks a brand new beginning as Apacer marches into its next 20-year bracket.  With Industry 4.0 in place, we will continue to focus on digital storage solutions and expand into applications that integrate software, hardware, real, and virtual territories.” says president Chia-Kun, Chang,“By constructing automated productions and services that are environment-friendly, we will maintain digital storage solutions at our core and aim to be the leader in integrated information service solutions with technological advancements.“

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