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PhotoFast MemoriesCable, a charging cable with additional storage for your iOS devices

We have seen some flash drives with lightning connectors for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) from memory vendors like Kingston, Apacer, Transcend and Adata, but this is the first time I see a “MemoriesCable”, which combines storage into a Lightning charging cable. Or you can say it is a flash drive that connects to your iPhone/iPad but also acts as a charging cable so you can stream, backup and juice-up at the same time.

The package

The design is quite simple. It shows you the features of this product.


The product itself is also simple, with an Apple lightning plug on one end and a standard USB 3.0 Type-A plug on the other. The cable is only 5.1 inches long. It is long enough for you to transfer files between devices but may be too short for plugging the iOS device into a wall socket for charging.


There is a clip on the cable that allows you to keep the MemoriesCable into a ‘C’ shape for easier storage and portability. However, there is no any protection for both connectors so you may need to pay more attention with keeping it. The external storage is built into the apparatus next to the USB jack, and there is a small green LED that blinks to indicate when data is being transferred.


How to use

You will need to download “i-Flash Drive” App when you plug it to your iOS device. The application includes a file manager to see the contents of this accessory, just like on a PC or Mac. Files can be moved around, copied, and even ZIPped.


The PhotoFast application can also connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive , and even OneDrive, so files can be easily moved between these cloud storage services and this accessory. And with just one touch, you can download and backup your phone from FB album, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr.


You can also use it as a USB drive with a PC or Mac by plugging it into a USB port. The accessory will appear as a removable drive, and its contents can be accessed with the file manager. And just be aware, the iOS device and the laptop can’t both be accessing the MemoriesCable’s storage simultaneously, so it should be plugged first into the device that’s going to access the drive.


The PhotoFast MemoriesCable offers a unique combination of features, being able to not only expand the storage capacity of an iPhone or iPad, but also act as a charging cable. Add in its abilities to easily back up the users data and photos help makes this is a very handy accessory. The design is quite simple and portable, though the cable might have been longer and the Lightning jack could be better protected.

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