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Hands on: ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO Motherboard

ASUS’ Crosshair VI Hero is for ROG’s range on AMD’s new AM4 platform. It features stunning Aura Sync RGB LED illumination, and support customizable 3D-printed parts; SupremeFX audio plus M.2 and USB 3.1 for your X370 gaming rig. It also comes equipped with RGB lighting, onboard M.2, and an internal 10Gbps USB 3.1 header.


The Crosshair VI Hero is an ATX form-factor motherboard and there are your usual four DIMM slots, which you get in the case of a dual-channel memory interface. Apart from that there is the “Aura” feature, which allows you to change the illumination of the board from within Windows. There are also three full-sized PCIe slots and two of them feature metal-reinforcement. Between the first and the second full-sized PCIe slot there are two slots distance leaving plenty of room for graphics cards to breathe even in multi-GPU configurations.



Based on the top-of-the-line AMD X370 chipset, the Crosshair supports two-way SLI and CrossFireX configs split between its main PCI Express x16 slots. The slots are widely spaced to provide plenty of breathing room, and we include a high-bandwidth SLI bridge to complete the package.


High-end graphics cards increasingly employ larger heatsinks with more metal and bigger fans. That adds weight, putting strain on the PCI Express slot that can lead to damage with clumsy or rough handling. To withstand the forces at work, the main x16 slots are fully reinforced with SafeSlot. Their walls are reinforced with insert-molded steel bracing, and they’re anchored to the board with additional solder points. SafeSlot is stronger in every direction than the beefed-up slots on competing motherboards, so you can trust it with your prized GPU.


This board takes full advantage of Ryzen’s expanded I/O by deploying an ultra-fast M.2 slot linked directly to the CPU. You can add the latest NVMe SSDs with up to four lanes of PCI Express 3.0. Some of those drives can run warm enough to induce throttling under extreme workloads, so the slot is located in the bottom corner of the motherboard, away from hot spots around the CPU and graphics card. The placement alone improves thermals, and even better cooling is possible with our 3D-printed fan mount.


USB ports steal the rear IO show. A total of eight 5Gbps USB 3.0 Type-A ports are delivered from both the Ryzen CPU and the X370 chipset (four from each). Four more USB Type-A ports, this time at 2.0 speeds, are provided by the X370 chipset. I like to see these included for devices that do not need faster links, such as peripherals. The two 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports (Type-C provided by the ASMedia ASM1543 logic) are provided by a PCIe 2.0 x2 ASMedia ASM1143 chipset which is inferior to the ASM2142 revision found on many Z270 motherboards.


The ROG Crosshair VI Hero is designed for easy overclocking whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new recruit. It includes our 5-Way Optimization package, whose one-click auto-tuning intelligently overclocks the processor based on the characteristics of your individual chip and cooling. The parameters can be adjusted to suit your preferences, and there’s a full array of manual tweaking options for experienced enthusiasts who want to fine-tune every aspect of their machines.






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