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Pioneer introduces ultra durable cable for Lightning and Type-C devices

Pioneer recently released a new Lightning Cable for Apple products as well as Type-C USB for certain Android devices. The new Lightning Cable released under their Advanced Series is MFi Certified (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad) which is safe to use for your Apple products. With support of up to 2.4A fast charging and 480 Mbps high-speed data transfer, the cable is also made for ultra-endurance.

The Pioneer cables are weaved with DuPont Kevlar (materials used in bulletproof vests) and DTY material (Draw Textured Yarn), are made to endure the wears and tears of frequent usage, increasing the lifespan of the product. As seen in the picture below it is able to withstand the pull strength of an average human being:

With a special over-mold design made of aluminium, it serves to provide consumers the ease of plugging and unplugging from devices. In addition to the materials used, a special strain relief design was used to provide more flexibility on the bend-prone areas to prevent the tendencies of breaking the cable.

The Pioneer cables will come with a leather pouch for ease of safekeeping, providing more protection and cable organization. Both Lightning and Type-C USB cables will be launched next month, June, and will be sold separately. Prices of each cables will be revealed then as well.

We all know the importance of a charger cable which powers-up our mobile devices during critical times. It is also a real frustration when your cable is broken more often than your coffee mugs. However with Pioneer’s latest cables, it will ease your mind off of those worries and will last you longer than your previous relationship.

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