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Huawei Launches Intelligent Computing Business and Announces Talent Plan at Huawei Cloud Summit 2019 Singapore

At today’s Huawei Cloud Summit 2019 Singapore, Huawei unveiled its new Huawei Intelligent Computing Business Department alongside its Atlas AI computing platform and FusionServer Pro intelligent servers. Huawei also announced an intelligent computing talent development plan to support Singapore’s “Smart Nation 2015” strategy.

Huawei Intelligent Computing booth
Huawei Intelligent Computing booth

According to its “Smart Nation 2025” plan, Singapore is rapidly transforming from digital to intelligent. Computing, as the core driving force of these intelligent requirements, is facing challenges in computing power and management. Huawei’s x86-based FusionServer Pro intelligent servers and the full-stack, all-scenario Atlas AI computing platform for AI applications launched at the summit demonstrate superior compute power and intelligent management. These top-notch products can help customers in Singapore and Asia Pacific to implement intelligent transformation of infrastructure to better compete and succeed in a fully connected, intelligent world.

It is estimated that the AI market in Singapore will reach nearly USD1 billion by 2022, and with an annual growth rate of more than 42%, it will reach USD16 billion by 2030.

As the creator and leader of global intelligent computing, Huawei is not only actively promoting AI industrialization, but is also taking the initiative to shoulder the social responsibility of AI knowledge popularization. Since 2019, Huawei has sponsored a series of AI knowledge training and skill competitions for university students in Singapore. It will later release a more detailed and systematic plan for local AI talent development, aiming to promote the development of the AI ecosystem in Singapore to support the country’s “Smart Nation” blueprint.

Ma Li, General Manager of Huawei Intelligent Computing Business Department in Singapore, said, “Our department will not only continue to step up efforts in the general-purpose server market but will also launch more novel AI computing products with future-facing technologies. We will work with Singapore customers and partners to accelerate the industrialization and application of AI technologies. At the same time, we will actively participate in the AI talent development plans of local government, education and scientific research institutes to facilitate the implementation of the AI strategy in Singapore.”

At the summit, more than 1,000 industry partners, enterprise representatives, and academics from Singapore and the wider Asia Pacific region discussed how enterprises will cope with challenges during digital transformation and explore digital growth potential in the 5G and AI era. Huawei demonstrated how its full-stack, all-scenario AI solution facilitates digital transformation in many industries. Delegates from National University of Singapore, SAP and Intel made keynote speeches or participated in roundtable discussions around AI and technological innovation. In addition, Huawei, customers, and partners shared the latest application and practice experience of intelligent computing in their industries at the summit sessions on Smart Finance, Internet Innovation, and AI Innovation.

Huawei also showcased a full range of cutting-edge products, including chips, intelligent acceleration components, intelligent servers, ARM servers, AI computing platforms, and mobile data centers (MDC). It also provided onsite experience of its high-precision facial recognition system, intelligent server management software, and AI development platform. Products on show included the full liquid cooling cabinet, FusionServer Pro intelligent servers, TaiShan ARM servers, Atlas AI computing platform (200/300/500), intelligent acceleration components (SSDs and iNICs), Ascend 310 – the Huawei-developed high-performance AI processor, and Kunpeng 920 high-performance ARM CPU.

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