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Lenovo Introduces New Portfolio of Smarter Technology for Education with VR Classroom 2

Lenovo is introducing VR Classroom 2, an even smarter solution that empowers teachers and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons into their curriculum. With new classroom management tools for teachers, Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is transforming immersive education by making it easier than ever to get started and keep students in sync.


Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is a complete solution for teaching with VR, providing fully integrated hardware, content, training, and support designed specifically for middle schools and high schools. The solution comes with a new headset and content management system, as well as diverse curriculum-mapped experiences, including STEM, virtual tours, and career exploration. Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is powered by the ThinkReality™ platform, making it simple for IT staff to deploy a fleet of headsets. Lenovo VR Classroom 2 also uses LanSchool™ to enable teachers to confidently deploy VR to their classes.

Online ­and­ onsite training plus all-in-one support­ take­ this VR education solution to the top of the class. Optional hardware, accessories, and professional development are available.

“Preparing young people for the careers of tomorrow requires smarter technology and a reliable partner to support deployment. Teachers value the unbounded possibilities VR experiences bring to students when it is to easy-to-use and fully supported,” said Rich Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions at Lenovo. “Whether it’s taking a virtual field trip inside DNA strands to teach a unit on genetic engineering, or a guided tour of the Colosseum in Ancient Rome in history class – Lenovo’s VR Classroom 2 offers a seamless journey for educators and students.”

Powerful Portfolio of Laptops and Tablets for Education

Lenovo’s mission in education is to provide a purpose-built portfolio that empowers educators to drive positive learning outcomes. Lenovo continues to offer a broad choice of Chromebook and Windows enabled systems specifically designed for students and teachers. Providing a superior and personalized user experience, the education portfolio features smart and innovative technology to enhance learning engagement.

An all new Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet is the latest addition and an ideal tool for K-2 students to begin their education journey with problem-solving games, assessments and hands-on learning apps.

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