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Zyxel Network’s new SCR 50AXE router provides high speed connections for small and home office users

Zyxel Networks has released yet another new product for SMEs and it is none other than the SCR 50AXE router.

Zyxel Networks SCR 50AXE 1
Coming in as a cost-effective solution that complies with standards for business use, the SCR 50AXE – AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E router (we’ll be calling it the SCR 50AXE in this post) powers super-high connection speeds of both local and online connections thanks to the newly opened 6GHz spectrum that can provide low latency connection across multiple devices on top of comprehensive threat warding and management software that will definitely help business owners gain control and security over their digital properties.

Although the router itself already has these built-in protections, those who want additional peace of mind can choose to get the SCR Pro Pack license that adds real-time intelligence
insights, web filtering (DNS) powered by Trellix, 30-day log retention, AI-assisted smart network management, and more – all within an easy-to-understand and navigate GUI dashboard.

With cloud computing and management being a necessity rather than “nice to have” in 2023, the SCR 50AXE is also cloud-native to be accessible through Zyxel Nebula which is available through the app or via a web browser. Users can finish setting up things like unique access point names, bandwidth provisioning, and more with just a few clicks.

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