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Honor Announces Affordable yet Powerful Honor 8 smartphone

The honor 8 expands on an already impressive line-up of affordable yet powerful smartphones, and rightfully takes its place as the ultimate flagship for the global smartphone brand. This latest smartphone from honor is set to thrill more than just honor fans; delivering stunning on the outside and cutting-edge on the inside by harnessing the best technology available to meet the needs of digital natives. honor8_730w_1

Malaysians will be one of the first few in the world to experience the honor 8 in all its splendour, following its global launch in Paris less than a month ago. One of the first things that grabs your eye with the honor 8 is the way light reflects against its 2.5D glass and metal back. Besides the unique glass design on its back which reflects light beautifully from any source, its innovative dual-lens colour and monochrome camera, powerful processor and long-lasting battery are fine examples of honor’s commitment to innovation, meeting the needs of fashion conscious consumers’ needs.

With a key focus on young digital natives, honor has tapped Brooklyn Beckham, model and budding photographer, as the global ambassador for the brand, perfectly reflecting a digital native that relies on his smart device to complement his exciting and on-the-go lifestyle.

At the launch in Kuala Lumpur, Allen An, E-Commerce Director of honor Malaysia, explained that the honor 8 keeps up honor’s promise for the brave.

“honor Malaysia understands the evolving demands of youth today. With the honor 8, we have gone further to ensure that our honor fans do not have to choose between a beautifully-crafted device and an all-powerful device. As a versatile device, the stunning and sparkling design of the honor 8 is a fashion statement on its own while being an accessory that packs hardcore performance to fits the lifestyle of digital natives.”

“honor goes beyond industry norms and market conventions with a high regard for aesthetic value. At the same time, we balance design with innovation, speed and connectivity, key features that young digital natives are looking for,” Allen said.

In the short span of two years, honor has emerged as a smartphone e-brand leader registering USD6 billion in sales revenue and 40 million in shipments for 2015 alone. This should not come as a surprise given that the brand invests significantly in R&D to drive innovation and create smarter ways of living that’s brings amazing experiences to customers.

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