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Sound Blaster X3: The First Sound Blaster with Super X-Fi

Creative Technology today announced the release of Sound Blaster X3, its latest addition to the illustrious Sound Blaster line-up of sound cards which ignited the PC audio revolution 30 years ago. A high-resolution USB DAC with multi-channel audio playback, it combines Creative’s multiple award-winning technological breakthroughs – the famed Sound Blaster digital processing technology and game-changing Super X-Fi headphone holography – for a compelling solution which audio enthusiasts simply cannot ignore.


Sound Blaster Enters New Dimension with Super X-Fi
Sound Blaster’s audio revolution began with the creation of the first Sound Blaster 1.0 sound card in 1989, when it transformed PC audio forever. Since then, over 400 million Sound Blasters have been sold, with the brand etching several milestones in sound card development. Sound Blaster users have been fascinated over the past 30 years with innovation and technology benefits.

That ethos continues today with the latest Sound Blaster X3, with the new breakthrough being its Super X-Fi technology, a first for Sound Blasters. Super X-Fi recreates the soundstage of a surround speaker system in headphones, and personalizes it for a natural listening experience. Users will be able to experience this award-winning technology (15 best-of awards at CES 2019) through its headphone output, and enjoy audio like in a real cinema.

Sound Blaster Signature Like No Other
Sound Blaster X3 personifies the latest and best of Sound Blaster’s renowned digital processing technologies, refined with 30 years of experience. It is a high-resolution, 7.1 multi-channel USB DAC, offering up to 32-bit / 192 kHz playback, and features a headphone amplifier capable of driving studio-grade headphones.

Users will be able to experience superior performance in depth, immersion, and ambient effects with improved, realistic surround coverage in their favorite movies in the comfort of home. Besides offering 7.1 discrete channel output, this external sound card also offers 7.1 virtualization on just 2 speakers. It also features Dolby Digital Live encoding for connecting optically to external receivers for multi-channel speakers.

Furthermore, users are able to take advantage of Sound Blaster’s surround virtualization technology that can be fully customized towards their needs, as personalized EQ presets to enhance their audio experience. All in all, Sound Blaster X3 is an excellent audio accessory for the ultimate movie experience.

Sound Blaster X3 Hits the Sweet Spot in Functionality
With the new Audio Balance feature on Sound Blaster X3, the volume feed can be toggled between two audio sources with a simple turn of the knob. This is a nifty function for PC and Mac users who like to chat while watching movies or playing games, or prefer listening to their favorite songs while gaming.

Sound Blaster X3 shows its versatility further in terms of its connectivity, offering cross-platform compatibility for PC, Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is supported by the new Sound Blaster Command software for desktops, and a corresponding mobile app to save console users the hassle of switching to desktops for control and customization.

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